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NABBC Master Class & Conducting Workshops

As conductors, demands on our time from those within our bands is often extensive. We also realize that the band’s outcomes are only as good as the commitment from the entire band. However, to give us a taste of how to be the very best conductor and band member, Course Director Richard Evans took us on an educational journey which left no doubt in any one’s mind why he is still one of the best directors in the business. 

NABBC Masterclass July 2013

His preparation had been extensive. He knew the scores, had high expectations of all, was thorough and fair in his directives and provided us with an extensive list of what is expected of our brass band conductors. And yet, all visiting conductors felt supported and were encouraged to extend their skills and expectations. This obligation they fulfilled with so much merit and their contributions too added to the ‘sharing of good practice’ and to the positive outcomes of the day.

Mike Kilroy provided extensive support for the brass players. He indicated what was necessary in order to perform for conductors with high expectations. His experiences and knowledge extended that of the massed bands and added a real sense of purpose of what and why we perform in bands.

The prepared educational notes from both Richard and Mike have been gratefully received and are now on the website for all to read.

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