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Conducting for teachers of Wider Opportunities & Youth Bands

There are many websites and books which indicate the various conducting patterns indicated by time signatures. These patterns should be practiced, preferably in front of a mirror and in time with prepared recordings. Such preparation is always necessary, as band rehearsal is never the place to practice your conducting.

by A. White (Oct. 2013)


Andrew WhiteI’m anticipating that most music teachers will begin their conducting careers with a young band or one in which practical skills are limited to musical items which rarely have too many tempo or time signature changes. The basic expectation is that all instrumentalists are capable of playing their given part on their own before forming a band or asking instrumentalists to join an existing band.

Those conducting Wider Opportunity groups should try to ensure that all instruments are in the same key. This overcomes transposition of notes which can limit conductor / instrumentalist interaction and overall progress. Ideally, try to teach Bb cornets together or flutes, or Bb clarinets and then, once the basic musical and technical skills are acquired, consider issues such as embouchures, physical ability and long term progress.