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NABBC National Convention Report - 2014

The Art of Composition - Gavin Higgins

Gavin Higgins

The convention started at pace with composer Gavin Higgins. It was clear from the very beginning that he holds a real passion for composition and sharing his thoughts about what inspires him left many members envious of his talent. Gavin’s ability to develop a simple motif and extend it by taking the initial concept to chaos and back again was certainly impressive. It was also clear to see how his links with various national dance groups also inspires the various genres of his music with fast tempos providing a rhythmic drive and ‘simplistic’ melodic lines driving the slower tempos.

Whilst Gavin’s music often derives from an image, the numerous new colours, variety of rhythms and instrumental groupings he uses add a unique, creative interest. As with some other artists, Gavin likes to carry a musical fragment or concept from one composition to the next therefore leaving a line of musical signatures which provide a sequenced identity, familiarity and awareness. We will certainly be hearing much more from this young composer and those of us listening and enjoying his presentation will be more than happy to do so.