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NABBC National Convention Report - 2014

The Art of the Press Release - Iwan Fox

Iwan Fox Interview

Musical Directors are often asked to take on numerous roles when employed by a band and conducting becomes only a part of what is required to be a successful MD. External communication as an information provider is extremely important. It is therefore helpful, if not vital, to have a high quality personal website that clearly provides contact names, telephone numbers and addresses and to promote good PR for your band. The vast majority of us welcome such informed guidance and the NABBC could think of no one better than Director of 4barsrest, Iwan Fox, to lead a session on this issue.

As you would expect, this was another very well prepared session, wonderfully delivered in his inimitable style. Iwan began by identifying three possible audiences for whom you would wish to write; yourselves, the general public and, the sponsors. He emphasised the necessity of inviting someone who had time and the appropriate skills to write reports; someone who could identify who, what, why, where and when; write in a simplistic form; and with a particular targeted audience. Iwan endorsed the need for regular reports to keep the readers interested and never to underestimate the interest of visitors or audiences to your website or concert hall.

When writing in the third person, it is also important to obtain two quotes and a good quality, interesting image.

At the end of this report you may want to reflect upon these directives to judge whether it is written appropriately. Whatever the outcome, brass banding would not be the same without proactive enthusiasts such as Iwan Fox and the gratitude and positive responses from his contribution to this convention was clearly indicated from all members present.