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NABBC National Convention Report - 2014

Psychological Considerations - Dr. Jon Hall


Dr. Jon Hall has been a ‘good friend’ of the NABBC for many years. His secure knowledge of psychology and ability to convey it to others has always been impressive and Dr Jon’s session of how to help players to overcome nervousness when performing was one many members were keen to hear.

He began by endorsing that each of us fears failure and rejection; and that this is normal, and that parents can either help to contain or enhance this fear. However, it is when these fears are not suppressed that problems arise. He continued to outline the various effects fear can have on a performance.

He also said that good conductors have a good sense of time; but whilst those with dyslexia often have a processing disorder, they don’t have rhythmic awareness; and it’s this sense of time that makes us musicians.

Finally, Dr Jon confirmed that it was natural to be nervous and to feel ‘butterflies in our stomachs’. Such nervousness should be embraced; after all, ‘it’s just a matter of getting the butterflies to fly together in the same direction!’

There is no doubt that understanding such a complex issue will take more time than was available, but this session’s message had a strong impact upon all members; especially those who work in education.