Celebrating great playing and leadership

Pemberton Old Wigan DW BandThe Pemberton Old Wigan DW Band played a significant part in the success of the NABBC Conference 2013.

Their first session was directed by the NABBC’s new president Russell Gray and reflected issues relating to band tuning, intonation issues and balance. Having previously received a superb session with Yamaha Neo it was particularly interesting to collectively consider the necessity to balance the sounds of a band when providing the various tonal colours used by composers.

The band’s second session featured new musical arrangements and was directed by Dr Jon Hall, Andrew White and John Clay. However, it was the bands final showcase directed by MD Steg Maersk which brought about the loudest appreciation of the weekend. Their chosen programme featured a superb euphonium solo from Nick Birch and numerous vocal soloists. All performed items were of a very high standard, from several musical genres and, left the audience with a smile and wanting more.    

This was a fabulous end to a full-on conference which provided support for a substantial amount of new NABBC initiatives and provided new aspirations. The Pemberton Old Band simply allowed us to celebrate what we do and endorsed why we do it. What a fabulous way to spend a weekend, in good company, with fellow MDs and seminars to inspire us until next year’s Conference.