NABBC Chairman’s Summary Report October 2012

Strategic Organisational Development Work

  • NABBC Conference 2013 (Adjudicating, Youth Conductors & Bands, conducting different genres & ensembles)
  • New President (press release expected November 1st)
  • New executive board structure, specific roles/accountability (consultation May – December 2012)
  • New Constitution (to be rewritten by Dec 2012, sent for consultation by Feb and presented to membership April 2013)

Strategic Work with Supportive Partners

  • New web design with host
  • New mentoring programme
  • Confirm accreditation for new diplomas
  • Appoint new Editor of 'The Conductor'

Active Forum & Network Engagement

  • Sub-committee – conference
  • Pro-active engagement with Brass Bands England (BBE / BFBB)
  • Pro-active engagement with Association for Brass Band Adjudicators (ABBA re joint area test piece workshop)
  • Review website and contents

Development & Planning

  • Re-write contents for new website
  • New graphics and pictorial initiatives. News to be presented monthly by 4 contributors in all 4 categories.
  • To continue searching for diploma accreditation.

Operational Development Work

  • To vary the location of Executive Meetings, Workshops and Master classes.
  • Increase interactive work with Technical Clinicians and Conducting Specialists

Membership Support

  • Raising our profile / new members
  • Offer free Professional Cards promotion via our website to all members
  • Offer 'The Conductor' on-line
  • Re-visit and promote our free Mentoring and Diploma Initiatives

Media, Marketing & Press

  • National & Local radio promotions
  • To share good practice and 'celebrate' positive outcomes via 'The Conductor' & website
  • Improve interaction with national websites i.e. 4barsrest, The bandsman & individual bands (provide additional links)
  • Share links with ABBA and BBE
  • Collate website data interaction to identify outcomes and identify membership interests and needs