Clinical PersonWhilst conducting bands we are often expected to know how to create appropriate sounds from various instruments, ensembles, various combined sections and, the entire band. New composers constantly challenge us to be more creative and even our traditional transcriptions can challenge the most experience conductor so, we offer our members support from our Technical Clinicians.

The musical understanding, knowledge and practical experiences of the Technical Clinicians is extensive. Many of them are also respected professional conductors. We therefore request that when using this unique service we ask that you respect their opinions and note that they are not liable for specific performance outcomes.

There is no charge for this service but you must be a member of the NABBC without which the Technical Clinicians will not respond.

To consult one of our clinicians simply submit your question using the website form for the section of the band as appropriate.

If you are not a member but wish to use this service becoming a member is straightforward. Please visit the membership page, download and submit the membership application.

How it Works

The editor will forward your question on to the clinician you have chosen, and the answer will be directed back via the editor. Questions and answers may be published later on the website and in the magazine for the benefit and interest of other members who may also like to contribute to the answer. They too may have had the same problem you have and may have resolved it in a way that might interest you — a problem shared is a problem halved— as they say.