Membership Application

How to Join

Download a copy of the membership application form below.

Applications for membership of the Association should be addressed to the National Secretary.


Full Membership

  1. any existing or previously engaged Conductor or Bandmaster of a regularly established band for at least one year or
  2. any person engaged as a teacher of a regularly organised school band, brass band or wind band for at least one year, or
  3. any person regularly engaged as an Adjudicator, Band Trainer or orchestral conductor who has satisfied the Executive Council as to their fitness for membership of The Association.

Associate Membership

  1. any person or business organisation who, while not directly involved in conducting or teaching, has an interest in the aims and objectives of The Association, either through business, industry, teaching establishments or other organisations or associations, or
  2. any person or organisational representative that the Executive Council wish to invite, who in their opinion, may be able to contribute to the well-being of The Association, or
  3. any person who satisfies the Executive Council as to their fitness for associate membership.

Student Membership

Any person recommended by two members of The Association, who has been a student conductor for at least one year, and who satisfies the Executive Council of their fitness for Student Membership of the Association.

Honorary Life Membership

Any member who has displayed exceptional service and been elected by a majority vote of the membership at an Annual General Meeting.


The current rates are:

  • Full Member - £44.00 per year
  • Associate Member - £44.00 per year
  • Senior Citizen (State Pension Age) - £22.00 per year
  • Students (in full time education) - £22.00 per year

All subscriptions will be due on the 1st day of January in each year.

New members accepted on or after 1st September and paying one year's subscription will be deemed to have paid for the remainder of their induction period and, for the following year.