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Continuous Membership Certificates


Since 2012 the following members have been honoured by the presentation of Continuous Membership Certificates. An oversight meant that the presentations were not reported on in either the magazine or the website previously.   


 50 Year Certificate

Betty Anderson - A National Vice President.

J. Bernard Hewitt - A Vice President of No. 2 area and a former secretary of No. 2 area.

Sydney Swancott - A former National Chairman, former Chairman of No. 2 area, National Vice President, Honorary Life membership and President of No. 2 area.

Dennis Taylor - A National Vice President and a former National Vice Chairman.

40 Year Certificate

Geoffrey Brand - A National Vice President.

David Read - A National Vice president and Vice President of a No.3 area.

Jeffrey Turner - A National Vice President and former Editor of The Conductor.

Dennis Wheeler - A National Vice President and a former Chairman of No. 3 area.

25 Year Cerificate

Bruce Fraser - Composer, conductor, adjudicator and founder of the music publishing house Lomond Music. Presented to Bruce in a private ceremony during the Royal Albert Hall in October 2015 by Sydney Swancott.

On behalf of everyone in the association we send our congratulations to all the recipients.

Sydney Swancott