B-1 - Beethoven 3rd Symphony (Eroica}

arr W Rimmer

B-2 - Beethovens 8th Symphony

arr Denis Wright

B-3 - Beethovens 9th Symphony

arr Eric Ball

B-4 - Ballet for Band

Joseph Horovitz

B-5 - Blenheim

Arthur Butterworth

B-6 - Barchester Suite. A

Derek Bourgeois

B-7 - Blue Rondo a la Turk

Dave Brubeck arr Edwards

B-8 - Benvenuto Cellini

Hector Berlioz arr F Wright

B-9 - BlenCathra (M/S)

William Rimmer

B-10 - Brilliante (M/S)

John Ord Hume

B-11 - Black Knight.The (M/S)

William Rimmer

B-12 - B.B.&.C.F. (M/S)

John Ord Hume

B-13 - Between The Moon & Mexico

Philip Sparke


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