S-1 - Salzburg Suite

Denis Wright

S-2 - Schubert Symphony In C

arr J A Greenwood

S-3 - Seafarers.The

Bruce Fraser

S-4 - Second Organ Sonata

Menelssohn arr F Wright

S-5 - Second Rhapsody On Negro Spirituals

Eric Ball

S-6 - Second Suite In F

Gustav Holst

S-7 - Shipbuilders.The

Peter Yorke

S-8 - Sinfoietta Pastorale

Henry Geehl

S-9 - Sinfonietta

Joseph Horovitz

S-10 - Sinfonietta

Erik Leidzen

S-11 - Sirius

Frank Wright

S-12 - Sounds

John Golland

S-13 - Spectrum

Gilbert Vinter

S-14 - St Michael's Mount

Eric Ball

S-15 - Stantonbury Festival

Ray Steadman-Allen

S-16 - Suite For Brass

Mike Davies

S-17 - Suite For Brass

Jan Segers

S-18 - Suite In Bb

Purcell arr Geehl

S-19 - Sunset Rhapsody

Eric Ball

S-20 - Sword, Jewell & Mirror

Philip Harper

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