Conductors! The Association has a Music Library of over 250 Brass Band scores available for members' use.

music-notes-clipartPerhaps you need that second score for the adjudicator at an own choice contest or you would like to study a piece of music to see if it would be right for your band before going ahead and purchasing a set - if so , then the Association's Librarian is your contact.

All the music is loaned free of change to any member of the NABBC. All postage will be met by the borrower. You may borrow as many scores and parts at once as you wish, up to one month without prior arrangement. No music may be passed on to any third party and the borrower is liable for all loss and damage.

Remember that the photocopying of copyrighted material is illegal without the prior permission of the copyright holder; music borrowed from this library may not, therefore, be photocopied.

There is now an advance nominal fee of £5 to cover postage and packing and a contribution towards new purchases for the library and you can agree with the librarian, a reasonable length of time for the loan of the score.

Please note - most of the NABBC music library music is score only.

Clearly , if you have any scores surplus to requirements that you would like to donate to the Association's library then the Association would be pleased to hear from you!

How to Borrow Music

Please contact the Librarian.

How to Donate Music

If you are considering donating or leaving music to us, please contact the national secretary.